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The Trained Sky Star Atlas
A Quality Star Atlas at a Beginner's Price


Scroll down for an actual size Equatorial map
(72 dpi jpeg, not the full 600 dpi quality of the real maps). The gap in the middle is the fold line for the book.

Two Polar and six Equatorial maps cover the sky in large enough swaths to make it easy to see relationships between constellations, with minimum distortion. Each map is 11 x 17 inches printed on heavy duty card stock.

All stars down to 6th magnitude plotted with easy to read magnitude symbols.Lots of Non-Stellar objects plotted -- I haven't counted them but there's a whole bunch! Easy to follow directions for picking the right map for the right time of night for the right time of year.Three tables of the best and the brightest -- Table of 32 Bright Stars, Table of 122 Multiple Stars, Table of 160 Non Stellar Objects including all the Messier objects. Large font makes them easy to read.Table of Constellation names and abbreviations indexed to maps make it easy to find the right map.

No gratuitous use of color that make maps hard to read at night and jacks up the price.

Use the money you save to buy one of our Astronomer's flashlights!

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